Black Friday: Early Birds Get That Paper

Even with Black Friday still a healthy 17 days away, we’re advising all of our clients to launch their promos as early as possible.

Here’s why:

1) The shopper (theoretically) has a fixed budget for the holiday season. If they spend it all on other goods and services, they’ll have nothing left to spend on you.

2) There is always an early-November pullback. Customers aren’t stupid and they are not going to buy something on November 7th that they can get for half the price at the end of the month. Launching your BFCM promo early staves off this pullback.

3) Longer promotions mean longer ad campaigns, which in turn allows your ads manager more time to tweak messaging, audiences and creative. When a sale is only 2 days long, you have next to no time to optimize the campaigns that support it. When it is 3 weeks long, you can really tighten up your campaigns and maximize your ROI.

Case closed. Now, stop reading this and go launch your campaign already.