Curiosity Killed The Cat (And Your Campaign)

Curiosity is not the same thing as intent.

This is a particularly important distinction when it comes to evaluating ad creative. If you run a campaign with really cryptic, overpromising or intentionally vague ad creative, you might see a sky high click through and in turn, a fairly low cost per click, but this does not mean the campaign is successful.

In fact, you could be undermining your performance from a sales perspective by ensuring that’s peoples first impression is disappointment or using up your budget on people who just want to see what’s going on. These people will covert less and view your brand in a negative light moving forward. Seems like an awfully big price to pay for a strong CTR.

When it comes to ad creative, the key is balance. You want to excite and engage people, but remain honest and only make promises you can deliver upon. You should be willing to punt a few bucks on your CPC to make sure you’re talking to the right customers and creating genuine interest to purchase your product. While not as sexy as a campaign that teases people with the next best thing, this approach will lead to more sales and a more genuine connection with your customers.