Is Your Product Fun? Asking For A Friend.

Is your product fun? That might seems like a ridiculous question for a business owner to consider, but when it comes to managing your media budget, it’s actually kinda crucial. 

If you’re selling something fun like sunglasses or finger puppets that make your hand look like a squirrel, then you want to focus your spend on days/times when people are just hanging out like nights and weekends. 

On the other hand, if you sell something like a B2B software (looking your way FIXE) or a life-altering product like an engagement ring (now looking at you Plum), then you’re not going to have much luck selling your product while people are sipping margaritas poolside. Rather, you’re going to want to find these people when they’re caffeinated, wearing shoes and ideally sober.

Here are the questions to ask:

– Is paying for your product/service part of someone’s job?

– is it a high consideration product that requires significant research?

– Is your price point outside of your target customer’s comfort zone?

– Do you sell something other than squirrel finger puppets? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, I’m sorry to tell you that your product is decidedly not fun, and you should plan your media push accordingly so that you don’t waste money or misclassify creative as underperforming, when really it was just not the right time or place.