The Black Friday Commandments (2022 Edition)

With Black Friday now in the rearview, it’s time to revisit our 6 Black Friday commandments. These are like the ten crack commandments, only instead of crack, we’re selling moisturizers and yoga pants and there are only 6 of them. These are the things that continue to work, and all of our clients who did them, are swimming in a tanks full of gold coins right now:

1) Start your sale early. We recommend at least a full week before thanksgiving. This gives us time to optimize campaigns and break through the clutter a bit more. If you start your sale on Black Friday, just grab your ball and go home.

2) Keep it simple. the user is being bombarded with thousands of offers. Why make their life more difficult by offering a tiered discount, multiple promo codes or an order price threshold. Never underestimate the power of “25% off everything.”

3) Email early and often. No one is going to say youre emailing too much. It’s Black Friday. They get it. They also get 1,200 other emails. You need to keep banging your head against the wall.

4) Dont fuck up the end game. BFCM sales are awesome for added revenue, but that is worthless if you follow it up with an absolutely miserable week and dont retain those new customers. Come up with a plan for after the sale so that you can keep the momentum going.

5) #cybermonday is not a thing anymore. Don’t make special plans for it, Boomer.

6) Don’t tease your sale. Everyone knows it’s coming and they know they’ree going to have access to it. Trying to get people “hyped up” about your sale is just a waste of your time and their attention.

“Follow these rules you’ll have mad bread to break up” – Notorious B.I.G.