**TL;DR: Jane Creative is Officially a Redditor… Kinda **

While we may not have gotten our moon tickets to the Reddit IPO, we did launch our first advertising campaign on the channel last week. Not sure if this is a party we are early or late to, but regardless we’re fairly excited about the opportunity.

So why are we so excited about Reddit? Here’s the ELI5:

🚂Laser-Focused Karma Trains: We’re able to connect with niche communities who are already low-key obsessed with your brand.

🔝Authentic Updoots: We’re ditching the marketing speak for real conversations that build genuine connections. No karma whoring here! ⬆️

👥Diehard Fan Clubs: Redditors are the ultimate brand loyalists. We see the potential to cultivate and tap into a squad of passionate brand advocates.

We’re thrilled to add Reddit to our media mix and can’t wait to see how it can level up our clients’ performance marketing strategies. Feeling the FOMO or didn’t understand most of the language in this post? Hit us up and we’ll sherpa you into the Redditverse.