What Do Ads And Pancakes Have In Common?

My kids love pancakes and so I find myself making pancakes… a lot.

Through this valuable hands on experience, I have learned that pretty much no matter what you do, that first pancake off the griddle always sucks. While even a bad pancake is still pretty good, it just doesnt have the same color or fluffiness as the rest of the batch. I have stopped fighting this fact, and instead just started donating the first pancake to the dog.

We’re seeing the same thing with Facebook campaigns. That first day of any campaign is almost always terrible. High CPA. High CPC. Low CTR. This is likely due to the staggered approval of creative and the “algorithm optimizing” but the explanation doesn’t make the loss of ad dollars any more palatable or easier to explain to clients. While strong campaigns will bounce back in the days that follows, it still kinda sucks to start the game down by a touchdown.

Is anyone else seeing this or have an idea for how to avoid this? Would love some suggestions on how to make campaigns stronger out of the gate? Answer quickly. My dog is getting very fat.