You Can’t Start A Fire Without A Spark

Digital Marketing is not the fire. It is the gasoline.

You cannot expect an ad campaign or some SEO to make your product better or more appealing. If people are not converting on your site, especially those from high value sources like organic search and email, then there is no reason to think that this will change once you start driving more traffic.

In fact, things might get worse. New visitors need time to consider a product before purchasing, and while they make this decision, they are likely to just browse without converting. They’ll (hopefully) come around eventually, but in the short run, bounce rate, time on site and conversion rate will all take a hit.

On the other hand, if you have a great product and a high performing website, a strong digital marketing campaign will magnify those results and help you scale your business to new heights.

This is an important lesson for agencies and brands alike. Any shop who says they’re going to play hero by saving your business with a digital marketing campaign is wrong and any client that expects you to save their business with a digital marketing campaign is about to be sorely disappointed.